Polygraph Institute Avtalion managed by Amos Avtalion.
The Avtalion Polygraph Institute Amos is a veteran in the industry.
We are working on professionalism and trust with the factors we work.
We perform polygraph tests to individuals, couples, business partners, hiring needs.
We handle all matter of suspicious; it deals with a polygraph institute dedicated only.
Polygraph Institute is run by Amos Avtalion, a veteran of over - 20 years in the field.
Amos Avtalion veteran in the field and leads the security consulting.
Owner / Lecturer School of polygraph Boehm & Avtalion Polygraph School.

It's the only school authorized by the European Polygraph Association.
Official representative of the Europolygraph association.
European Union member as a polygraph examiner.
Sole official representative of company "Stoelting" U.S., world leading producer of polygraph instruments.

We specialize in carrying out tests in insurance claims, resolving disputes, suspicions (home and work) and any additional need.

Polygraph Institute is located on Saharov 17 (Discount Centre) Rishon Lezion.


Polygraph school
Our Polygraph school is the only school recognized by the European Polygraph Association (EUROPOLYGRAPH) .

Amos Avtalion is owner and senior lecturer at the school.

Polygraph examiners from around the world have been trained in our school.
The Boehm & Avtalion Polygraph School  

Students from Israel, Africa, South America  trained and became Polygraph examiners  world-renowned.

A polygraph test is integration of  polygraph machine  and polygraph examiner.

Success of a polygraph test depends mainly on preparing the right questions.

Amos Avtalion, lecturer primarily in "the art of preparing the Questions"

Polygraph examiners from around the world consult with me on just the right question.

These must be unequivocal, ambivalent, about the center / core of the matter.

In our school we train on how to prepare the patient, the same readiness to respondIdeal for the questions in the polygraph test.

School graduates, submit a thesis. After the exams and obtaining thesis and  after approval of the school, they are accepted as members of the European Polygraph Association (Europolygraph)


saharof 17 St. (discount center)
rishon lezion Israel
Tel : 972 - 3 - 516 65 65
Cel. 972 - 50 - 5551600
e-mail: a@5551600.com